A victory for gun control!

Here’s a victory for gun control. This man didn’t shoot himself.
How’s that a victory for gun control?
He was a convicted felon. That means he was legally barred from possessing a gun. So instead of shooting himself, he took a swan dive off this bridge.
Good thing he didn’t have a gun, he might have hurt himself.
Don’t think I’m making light of the situation, I’m not. Suicide is a preventable tragedy. But gun grabbers love to dance in the blood of people who kill themselves with a gun. They count on the more than half of all “gun deaths” that are suicides to make up their numbers. Go read this post again. See how most of the “gun deaths” are suicides.
To the gun grabbers, this story is a perfect tragedy. Had he shot himself, they could have made all sorts of hay about a felon getting “easy” guns, and then they could have added one more number to their “gun deaths” file. The fact that he killed himself by jumping off a bridge means that he’s a total loss to them.
The fact that he was a human being, and that maybe a kind word and a useful place in the world might have saved him, are utterly immaterial to the gun grabbers. You see, they don’t want to stop suicide. They want to stop guns.

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5 responses to “A victory for gun control!

  1. They see guns as living objects. Even schizophrenics fail to do that.

  2. CalmGun said…
    They see guns as living objects.

    Everyone knows that those “evil” guns are just waiting for the chance to kill someone. Of course good old Joan (the idiot) thinks that all gun owners are criminals that just haven’t committed a crime yet. They are just waiting on orders from their guns.

  3. Suicide is a tragedy that might be preventable, but that prevention has nothing to do with the mode in which it was carried out.

    My brother use a shotgun, but in researching his final days, my family is convinced that he would have succeeding at killing himself even if a gun was no where to be found.

    Some people have said to us that gun laws should be more strict because he walked into a Walmart, bought the gun, walked out and killed himself. He waited over a week to kill himself and I don’t think 3 more days would have changed his mind.

    His mind was damaged and that is what killed him.

    For those of us who have to deal with the aftermath of suicide, I can say I spend no time thinking about the mode he choose. I focus all my energy on the mind.

    Nothing is a 100% preventable, but our best efforts to stop suicide is to love our family and friends before it ever gets to the gun buy or bridge jumping stage.

  4. P.S. I know there are a lot of typos in that post, because I can’t type worth anything and my iPad decides randomly to lock up and not let me go back and fix things. Sorry:(

  5. @Girl: You are correct, of course. That’s the difference between us and the gun grabbers. We want to understand root causes. They focus on the method.

    In the end, the gun grabbers don’t care about the large number of men who kill themselves every year. They only care about the ones who use a gun, and then only to demonize the gun.

    They don’t want to stop suicide. They want to stop guns.