“I shot him two times with buckshot” (*Video*)

The 911 call has been released in the Henderson shooting. The 14 year old young man sounds like he handled himself well.

Go here to listen to the entire 911 call. Unfortunately I can’t embed it.

I’ve never heard someone call a woman “ma’am” so many times in my life. I hope that his grandfather hugs him tight and tells him how proud he is at this young man’s cool competence. I’d be proud if I, at 42 years old, handled myself so well.

“I’m perfectly fine, my sister, she’s really shaken up right now.”

I have no words.

Remember this incident the next time you hear another gun grabber begging the State to require all guns be locked up away from the hands of children. Their laws would have spelled the death of this brave young man and his sister.

Update: I couldn’t find the dead intruder in the DOC database, but I did find the guy they arrested and one of the two that they are seeking.

Arrested Suspect

Felons, the both of them. Not that this should surprise anyone.
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6 responses to ““I shot him two times with buckshot” (*Video*)

  1. I wonder how long it will be before the Brady idiots Blame the victim for being a mad dog killer. You just know the criminal was turning his life around and was just on his way to church.

    A really brave young man. He did what was right and I hope he gets all the help he needs to handle it. This is the only way home invasions are going to be slowed down. Plus the savings to the tax payers. And thanks to your castle doctrine, they can’t be sued.

  2. Did you catch what the dispatcher said, though? “While I’m on the phone with you, do NOT fire that firearm.” WTF?

    Okay, now, if the police were there when she said that I’d say fine. But that doesn’t sound like that was the case until a little later. I would call for a bit of retraining for that dispatcher. If another goblin comes in that house and no one is there to repel him, then I’d be ignoring what that dispatcher said.

    Much kudos to the brave 14yo for handling it so effectively.

  3. Very brave and collected young man. I’m very impressed.

  4. What Jennifer said, he had a plan and he stuck with it.

    Plans save lives, and I’d bet my lunch money that the family had practiced getting the defenseless into the closet and putting the scatter-gun between them and danger.

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