Was the (reportedly now dead) Mt. Rainier National Park shooter a prohibited person?

The latest reports are that the jerk who murdered a Park Ranger has likely been found dead. If so, good riddance.

But was he a prohibited person?

Having a restraining order on you is a Federal bar to possessing firearms. Will we find out that he was a prohibited possessor for other reasons as well?

The media is playing up the “Iraq War Vet” angle. We all know that there are (pardon my French here) assholes from every walk of life. I don’t have any sympathy for people who murder others. I don’t care if you have PTSD or if you ate too many Twinkies. Your personal issues are of no consequence when you pull out a gun and kill an innocent person. Unless
he is responsible for what he did or failed to do.
I suspect that we will find, when it’s all said and done, that even if he was not formally a prohibited person, he will have done enough things that he should have been had anyone bothered to report his activities to the proper authorities. This is the exact same issue as we find in the murder of japete’s sister. Everyone knew that the killer was out of his gourd, but no one bothered to say anything. Now we listen to the narcissistic sister of the actual victim whine about how the law needs to be changed so that she can feel good about her lack of appropriate response at the time. We will likely find that had anyone bothered to do what was right, this jerk would have been either in jail or in a rubber room somewhere.
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