A Candle in the darkness…

Rather than curse your rapist/robber/murderer in the dark…


It’s better to light a candle so you can see who you are shooting.
They wish to disarm us and force us to be victims. Ever wonder why?
*This is my daily carry Springfield XD .45ACP Compact. I carry it 10+1 with 200gr +P Gold Dot hollowpoints and the same in the 13 round spare mag. I think of it as my 24 chances to say “No, thank you.”

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6 responses to “A Candle in the darkness…

  1. “They wish to disarm us and force us to be victims. Ever wonder why?”

    I don’t wonder why. It’s because self-defense sets a bad example of free people taking responsibility for themselves.

    What if everyone did this? It might catch on to the point that people might come to understand that government has no responsibility for the domestic defense of Americans.

    The thought of government not being responsible for meeting every last need is too much for some to bear . The truth here is irrelevant.

  2. @Doble Troble: Sometimes when I ask a rhetorical question I get the best answers.

    I can add nothing to your response so I won’t try.

  3. I sure like my XD. I’ve shot plenty of different handguns but the XD is my favorite.


  4. Sean,

    Have you checked out the ballistic testing on the 200gr gold dot +p? From what I saw for some reason, the 200 tends to not open up reliably… I was really tempted to switch to them a while ago, when I saw them on Ammotogo for a great price, but after some homework I stayed with my PDX 230s.

    Not questioning your choice, just seeing if you had checked em out yourself and got different results.

  5. @Abnormalist: I hadn’t really checked them out. My issue with them is the ferocious recoil. I will eventually get rid of them and go with something that’s not +P.

    I’m not overly concerned with expansion in a .45ACP, nor am I worried about expansion after 4 layer denim. I expect that if the first 11 shots don’t work, I’ll load the second mag and keep shooting.