Free gun with a truck in Charlotte

In a story sure to give the gun grabbers a screaming case of the hives, a Charlotte area Ford dealer is offering a free Remington rifle with the purchase of a truck.
Watch this video. The free rifle angle is a hook, but that’s not what this story is all about

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This is what Michael Bane is always on about with his “Gun Culture 2.0” thing. The rifle, with its implied purpose being for hunting is the free giveaway. The real growth, according to those actually selling guns for a living, is in personal defensive weapons, like pistols.
Watch the video, and check out the smiles on their faces as they display their freshly minted NC Concealed Handgun Permits.
When random ordinary citizens are carrying guns, and they get sympathetic treatment out of the local TV news, you know that we are winning.
If you live in or near Charlotte, and want both a truck and a rifle, Keith Hawthorne Ford is your place.
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2 responses to “Free gun with a truck in Charlotte

  1. There are four or five big gun shops in the Charlotte area (CSA being one) and they are ALWAYS packed.

  2. If it wasn’t such a long drive from Iowa I’d jump on that. I’m in the market for a truck. Plus I’ve always been a Ford man.