I live Tweet, you laugh

Lesson of the day, pay attention to details. Little details matter, like the little detail that the gun grabber candlelight vigils are TOMORROW, not tonight.
I had some handouts and the makings of a sign when I showed up today at the site that NCGV is planning on having their candlelight vigil to “honor” the victims of “Gun Violence™.”I sat on a park bench outside the church and started to work on my sign. It has an outline of my gun, and the words “Guns Save Lives.” It’s not bad for working in the dark, under a deadline, for a guy who can’t draw.
At 6pm, the announced start time of the vigil, I started tweeting about how few people there were. After about 15 minutes of this, I finally went and asked. The three people there had no idea what I was talking about. I was actually worried that I had gone to the wrong place. It was worse. One of my Twitter friends asked me, “Aren’t the vigils supposed to be tomorrow?”
Well, at least I am prepared for tomorrow. My sign is already completed. My handouts are ready. And I know the route to the church. If anyone wants to come with me, show up at their location tomorrow at 6 PM. Just make sure I didn’t get the day wrong again.

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6 responses to “I live Tweet, you laugh

  1. Ha! I’m totally laughing with you because it sounds like something I would do.

  2. Lol, love it.

    Did you back back today?

  3. @Jennifer: you are kind to say so.
    @GWG: yep. Lone protester. Got interviewed on camera. Blog post about it later. Went well, I thought.

  4. I have a blog category devoted to stupid ways I injure myself. Not all of my moronic moments end in injury.

  5. @Jennifer: You must have me fooled then. I saw the pic after the shelf incident and all I could thing was, “That looks like it hurt, but I bet she looked stylish doing it.”

  6. I must have you so snowed.