Now this is more like it!

The News and Observer nails NCGV’s hide to the wall in this story. When I interviewed with this reporter last night he said that they were doing their best to hide from the fact that they were in effect a gun ban organization. It looks like he didn’t let them off the hook. Unlike the NBC17 story, the N&O story title tells you right away who the organizers were
And just look at the photo. Don’t they all just look like latter day Carrie Nations, all dour, fun-killing, angry scolds?
I want to copy past the whole article, but here’s a sample. Definitely read the whole thing and leave some comments for Andy Curliss the author.
Here’s where it is interesting. The author went and talked with Representative Mark Hilton and Senator Andrew Brock, both gun rights stalwarts in the NCGA, and he talked to them before the vigil. This tells me that the author was not fooled at all by the organizers claims of it being just a vigil for victims. The fact that he came right out and called them a gun control group tells me that he understands them very well indeed.
The best news I heard all night was the author, during the phone interview with me, telling me that NCGV has said that they have basically given up hopes of winning in the NC General Assembly. They know that they have lost and their only hope now is trying to “change the culture.” Sorry NCGV, we’ve changed the culture around you and you are too late. Your efforts are 40 years too late.

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2 responses to “Now this is more like it!

  1. “Gun Owners against Crime”? 🙂

  2. Great piece, Sean!

    Look at how miserable they look in the picture :).

    The gun-grabbers say their efforts are “pro-peace,” not anti-gun. Newsflash: predators prey on the weak. Defenselessness is “anti-peace”.

    I really hope Hilton comes through w/restaurant carry. GRNC will be holding his feet in the fire this time.