Time to plant the seeds

As regular readers will know, I spent some of my filthy lucre from the proceeds of the Gunwalker T-Shirts (I still have some, order now!) on a Ruger 10/22 that I’ve turned into a Liberty Training Rifle. It’s got really cool military style sights on it and the best trigger you can imagine in what is essentially a plinker rifle. Now it’s time to take that rifle and learn how to shoot.
I got an email from Chris at Arma Borealis. He’s moved to the Carolinas from his home in Alaska and he and Heather want to go to Appleseed. Do I want to go? Ohhh yeahhhh!
Location: Ramseur, NC
Dates: 24 and 25 March, 2011
The crew: Confirmed attendees

And you? (Bloggers, contact me before signing up. There may be a special deal for you!)
This is an open Appleseed shoot at their home range in Ramseur. The first day will be rifle training at 25 yards, learning to shoot properly with cheap .22 ammo. The second day will be shooting full power, centerfire rifles out to 400 yards on their full distance AQT range.
Costs are relatively cheap. Men get charged $70. Women get charged $10. Under 18 is $5. Military, law enforcement, uniformed re-enactors, etc, FREE! 
When you sign up, send me an email. I’d like to know how many people are showing up.

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5 responses to “Time to plant the seeds

  1. You will be so glad you took an Appleseed. Rifle skills and a history lesson you didn’t get in school.
    That reminds me, I have a rifleman patch I need to attach somewhere.

  2. Looking into the timing and logistics of this. Well worth the trip from GA, to have both AS at home-base with Fred and meet many of the south-east bloggers.

  3. @Robert: I’d love to have you along!

  4. Signed up! Look forward to meeting you.

  5. @Keads: Looking forward to seeing you there!