Dear Joan Peterson, GFY. Signed Sarah.

The lady that everyone calls my blogmother, the gun control racket’s crazy aunt in the attic, Joan Peterson managed to get offended at the bunch of gun and candle photos posted by gun bloggers in response to the Brady Campaign’s insipid “Too Many Victims” whinge-a-thon.
The best response so far is from Sarah, at Cranky Chicks With Guns.
Read the whole thing.
Joan? You and your whole crew got Pwned. You got slapped silly in the blogosphere, on Twitter, and in real life.

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4 responses to “Dear Joan Peterson, GFY. Signed Sarah.

  1. Now now, is that any way to talk to your blogmother? For shame!
    (I swiped the link and added it to my lawyer post)

  2. The thing that I find most disturbing is the ‘evil and hateful’ mindset they put on us. When it comes to grassroots they’ve got little, but they do have money. That means they can buy tv spots, and people don’t see our views unless they are brought into the fold. Lacking exposure, their views are the ones that make it out to the masses. Thanks to guys like you and Robb, we are getting some news time, at least. We have them on the ropes, we just need to get enough time to keep our clean image. Stories like A Girl’s, or Sarah and Cee’s help, as do tv spots like yours.

  3. I love her cop-out reply to any question that she lets through but can’t answer.

    “asked and answered many times….”

    OK, but where!?

  4. She kept trying to put down facts that were just not valid. Then she’d get upset into a ridiculously misplaced name calling when one of us stated we weren’t there to offend any victims. She would twist things around into her convoluted world while repeatedly focusing her anger on “guns” being the evil doer. She is so irate over an inanimate object, a tool, that she can’t see anything else beyond that. I was trying to point out the amount of vehicular deaths (more than triple a day what “gun violence” is)to show her that we reprimand the DRIVERS of the vehicles, not the vehicle itself. When there is a drunk driver who kills someone, we blame the driver, we don’t say “those cars are evil!” She couldn’t make that connection.
    It’s sad that her world is so overwhelmed with attempting to gain control over other people’s lives and their ability to defend themselves. If she doesn’t wish to have a gun, then so be it. But don’t try to mess with my right. Not to sound insensitive, because I’m not, but what if these victims who the vigil was held for had a means to protect themselves and their loved ones? And if someone is that intent on committing suicide, they are going to find a way to complete that desire gun or no gun. People like Joan just make me hang my head and shake it. You just can’t fix stupid and there is absolutely no enlightening her in any form. Just gotta leave her to her babbling as we stand strong together.