The (Anti) Hero of Canton gets a well deserved boot

The disgraceful piece of trash that was “Officer” Harless is now in need of new employment. One hopes that since he was fired that he will not be able to get another job as a police officer anywhere.

One also hopes that his appeal fails and he stays fired.
It’s good that we don’t have to send the REAL Hero of Canton in to sort the situation out.
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6 responses to “The (Anti) Hero of Canton gets a well deserved boot

  1. Why can’t even Ohio papers get it right. We don’t have a permit in Ohio, we have a license. Just like PA.

  2. @Alex: What’s even worse is that they can’t even link to the correct information on their own website. There is a link on the right that is supposed to be a PDF of the report on Harless, but it’s actually a PDF report on all the streets in Stark County. How dumb is that?

  3. Uggh. I didn’t see that. Well, the paper is from Canton too.

  4. Even if his appeal fails, this asshat will probably pop up on some other police force shortly. Probably a small town. His undiagnosed PTSD is a bullshit excuse for bad behavior not only on this stop, but on others as well. This fool is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  5. In a just world his ass would be in a jail cell for communicating threats.

  6. @Larry: in a just world, one of the other cops on scene the first time he pulled this crap would have taken him aside and said, “Dan, there are two kids of people in this world, those who are cops and those who call cops. I think you are in the second category. I think you should seriously consider other employment.”