The Gunwalker T-Shirt Blowout Continues!

I have too many Gunwalker T-Shirts laying about the house. The wife wants them gone. I want them gone. My buddy the rifle manufacturer wants to sell me a rifle and thinks I should pay him real cash money instead of t-shirts!
Seriously! I almost have enough money to pay for a rifle like the one we shot for the barrel removal challenge. If I can get rid of the rest of the shirts I can have it, so help a rifle enthusiast/honest husband out!
Here’s the thing. I’ve sold quite a few pink tees now that they are only $11 each, any size. Now it’s time to make a dent in the black tees, size Small and Medium. I bought too many of them. So it’s on sale they go, and at the same price as the pink tees, $11 each. (plus shipping) They are just the thing if you have kids, or are just really skinny.
Shipping is $6 for one shirt, $9 for two, $12 for three, and $15 for 4 or more. If you buy 12 shirts, you get FREE SHIPPING!

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