OMG! Kids! Wif dem EBIL GUNZ!

You need to listen to this BBC interview about children getting firearms licenses in the UK. The argument goes something like this.
“Something MUST be done!!! Kids! With GUNZ! OMG!!!”
“Someone tell this clown to get a grip.”

And it all happens on BBC with a presenter who is sympathetic to the gun rights argument.
While you are at it, read this article on kids in (Formerly Great) Britain and the experience with firearms licensing.
According to the person interviewed on the first link, neither of the two revocations had anything to do with anything the kids did with their firearms.



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2 responses to “OMG! Kids! Wif dem EBIL GUNZ!

  1. I like how he can’t answer the damn question and say how many incidents there have been with 7 year olds and shotguns. What’s that? Zero? You don’t say…

  2. BUT there MIGHT be a problem so we HAVE to head it off… RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!