The most overlooked part of “Proclaiming Liberty”

We’re going to see quotes out of the new book Proclaiming Liberty. There are lots to choose from, so bloggers will post them from time to time. I think that the most important part of the book is probably the most overlooked. It starts on Page 10, and is a list of the “Five recurrent themes of anti-gun partisans.” His basic thesis is that there really are only 5 arguments that the anti-gunners can make.
1.       Gun prohibitionists reject Constitutional Originalism
2.       Gun prohibitionists display moral confusion about self-defense
3.       Gun prohibitionists indict inanimate objects instead of human behavior
4.       Gun prohibitionists see their own hostility in innocent fellow citizens
5.       Gun prohibitionists expect new laws to mitigate criminal behavior
This is about the simplest distillation of the five basic anti-gun “themes” I’ve ever seen.
You should spend the money and get your own copy of Proclaiming Liberty from Philip Milivor. It’s available from Amazon. Sadly, Amazon doesn’t have associates in North Carolina due to NC’s stupid tax laws, so I don’t get a penny from the sales of this book. I did get a free copy to read and it will be prominent in my library from now on.


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3 responses to “The most overlooked part of “Proclaiming Liberty”

  1. I wish you luck in trying the fight for our rights. I really hope you guys don’t let my home state follow my NOW state. CA is about as restrictive as any state in the nation and it’s getting good people killed daily.

  2. Gun prohibitionists think that they are smarter and nicer than other people, and so while *they* wouldn’t commit a crime with a gun, *other people* would.

    [rolls eyes]

  3. They got at least one sale out of you.