Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 2

In his book Proclaiming Liberty, Philip Mulivor has given us a series of “themes” that pretty much all anti-gun arguments must fall into. I’m a big believer in breaking things down into easy to understand elements. Philip has managed to give us an easy reference framework to anti-gun argument. All we need to do is determine which “theme” the gun grabbers are working in and we know how to proceed.
This week I’ll be taking a different theme each day and talking about it. Today, Theme #2
2.       Gun prohibitionists display moral confusion about self-defense
This theme is my personal favorite. The gun grabbers act as if you are a horrible person because you are considering your options and you have decided that there are some situations where it is preferable to kill someone else rather than suffer injury at their hands.
The religious anti-gunners (and those who want to attack you for failing to live up to your religion) hang their hat on “Thou Shalt not Kill.” They imagine that this obvious mistranslation of “You shall not murder” means that I am required to die or suffer crippling injury rather than kill my attacker. Like many others who seek to use the Scripture to lie, they never bother to read anything else.
In my honest opinion, the real reason for this argument is cowardice. Some people are just cowards. Rather than face up to their responsibility to protect themselves and the innocent, they refuse to think ahead. They steadfastly refuse to consider what they would have to do to survive. The problem is, when they see people like us consider the options and plan ahead, it points out how cowardly they are. The only thing a coward hates worse than himself is a brave man. Since they can’t honestly consider their own cowardice, they are left with no other option than to attack us as paranoid and violent.
Honestly, I haven’t the slightest care in the world for the opinion of a person who would cheerfully abandon his wife to a rapist rather than learn how to handle a gun. When “turn the other cheek” becomes “do whatever you want to me and my family” I think it’s gone too far. Self defense is a moral imperative.
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One response to “Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 2

  1. Sean – well said! It’s amazing how many people here in the northeast think I WANT a confrontation in order to use my firearm – that I am just itching for a fight. The reality is that although I enjoy target shooting, I’m a tad pissed off that I *have* to sleep with my 1911 nearby in the event that some scumbag decides my family, my house, my possessions are now his.