Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 3

In his book Proclaiming Liberty, Philip Mulivor has given us a series of “themes” that pretty much all anti-gun arguments must fall into. I’m a big believer in breaking things down into easy to understand elements. Philip has managed to give us an easy reference framework to anti-gun argument. All we need to do is determine which “theme” the gun grabbers are working in and we know how to proceed.
This week I’ll be taking a different theme each day and talking about it. Today, Theme #3
3.       Gun prohibitionists indict inanimate objects instead of human behavior
Here’s another gun grabber idea that just bends reality. Anti-gunners are always attacking the gun rather than the person behind the gun. It makes no sense, but they like to tell us that guns “have no purpose but to kill.” I always think “so, even if that was true, why is killing bad?” Some people should be killed. It’s considered immoral to go out looking for those people who deserve to be killed, but if they show up and demand to be killed, what’s wrong with killing them?
It’s always “Gun Death™” with these guys. They are always going on about the huge numbers of people getting “killed by guns.” They never bother to look at WHO those people are. More than 50% are suicides. People who choose to kill themselves with a gun are not going to be deterred by the lack of a gun. They will simply jump off a building or hang themselves. The ones that murder or get murdered are disproportionately prior criminals. Getting murdered is an ordinary hazard of being involved in the illegal drug trade. They always find sympathetic victims, whitewash the unsympathetic ones, and ignore the fact that most murderers are career criminals.
To them, it’s not the criminal’s fault, it’s the gun’s fault. This is just stupid.
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  1. Excellent points. Looking forward to this weeks post!