What, him? Naw, not him!

Wake Tech got locked down again for a “gun on campus.” This time it was the main campus. Last time Wake Technical Community College got locked down it was the North Campus, because someone called 911 saying that a guy in camo with a rifle had gone into the woods near the school. During hunting season.
I assumed that it was another exercise in WTF’ery, but this time it was different,
So toolhead calls his (presumably) girlfriend and threatens some unspecified action involving a gun toward her. Naturally, said girlfriend goes to the campus police, reports the threat and they take what seems to me to be reasonably appropriate action. Luckily
What sort of person threatens a domestic assault with a gun against another person?
You really didn’t think that an otherwise perfectly reasonable law abiding citizen would be at home, stewing over some domestic disagreement, and would suddenly decide that making threats with a gun is a good plan, do you? Apparently he’s now graduated from misdemeanor running a drug house to making criminal domestic threats.


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