5 Guns I lust after

I think I’ll jump on this meme before everyone else weighs in.
Lust is a strong word. I don’t really lust after any guns. I’m a believer in the Andrew Tuohy seven guns theory, which is that you need seven different guns. Everything else is gravy.

1.       Semi-auto mag fed rifle – My Templar AR-15 is already ordered and on the way
2.       Center fire rifle suitable for medium game – I have a .243, but I could use a larger one
3.       12 gauge Shotgun – I still need one of these
4.       .22 LR rifle – My Ruger 10/22 Liberty Training Rifle is AWESOME!!!
5.       Service size handgun – I already have a XD-.45, but I’d like a Glock 17
6.       Compact handgun – I could use a Glock 19, or maybe a Ruger LCR
7.       .22 LR pistol – If the 10/22 is awesome, my 22/45 with Volquartsen trigger is even better.
So I have two ways to go with the “lust list.” If I assume that my lust list is intended to fill out the holes in my “need” list, I would “lust” after these
1.       A .300 Blackout barrel for my Templar AR, or even better, the barrel and a second Templar AR with a 6.5 Grendel barrel and a scope. I also want a .50 Beowulf barrel, but I think that’s probably overkill for anything short of bear and moose. I would like to have a “Short range” AR with 16” 5.56, 16” 300 Blackout, and 16” .50 Beowulf, all topped with an EoTech, and a “long range” AR with an 18” 5.56 and an 18” 6.5 Grendel, all topped with a nice scope.
2.       Mossberg 590 A1 with ghost ring sights and a 20” barrel. I like how the Mossberg has a tang mounted safety.
3.       Glock 17 (TigerSwan!)
4.       Glock 19 (Also TigerSwan)
5.       Kriss Vector. I mean, did you really have to ask?
Now let us assume that what Robb actually meant was, “assuming you have all the guns you “need,” which guns would you get? So, assuming I have the Tuohy list of seven covered,
1.       A Kriss Vector (duh!)
2.       An M1 Garand, the greatest battle implement ever devised. Plus they are fun to shoot.
3.       A really pretty, high end custom bolt action rifle. Something with pretty wood furniture suitable for display.
4.       An AK that I’ve built myself.
5.       A Gatling Gun. I don’t know if I’d like the pretty brass one from the SHOT show, or if I’d like an 1876 type. I’d still like to get that Gatling Gun named as the State Gun of North Carolina. He was born here you know.


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One response to “5 Guns I lust after

  1. I’ve already done this one…although my order of wantingness has changed a bit.