Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 4

In his book Proclaiming Liberty, Philip Mulivor has given us a series of “themes” that pretty much all anti-gun arguments must fall into. I’m a big believer in breaking things down into easy to understand elements. Philip has managed to give us an easy reference framework to anti-gun argument. All we need to do is determine which “theme” the gun grabbers are working in and we know how to proceed.
This week I’ll be taking a different theme each day and talking about it. Today, Theme #4
4.       Gun prohibitionists see their own hostility in innocent fellow citizens
Imagine yourself a woman at a singles bar. You meet some nice young man who chats you up. At some point in the conversation he tells you “all men cheat.” What conclusion about him should you draw from that statement?
Obviously  you should quickly conclude that HE will cheat. He’s already given himself permission because in his mind, all men do it.
Same goes for the gun grabbers. They tell you that if anyone could have a gun, people will get murdered over parking spots, irate diners will murder their waitress because they were served sweet tea instead of unsweet (this is a big issue in the South!). Yet every time they make these dire predictions, nothing happens. How could that be?
The gun grabbers aren’t looking at objective reality when they make these predictions. If they were, they would have stopped making the predictions a long time ago. These things haven’t happened, and they are unlikely to happen in the future, so anyone who actually looked at reality would not predict these things to happen in the future. The gun grabbers are merely telling you what THEY would do if they had access to deadly force. They are projecting their anger and violence on you. They are telling you that they would lose their cool, whip out a gun and blast the next person who cut them off in traffic.
Keep that in mind when discussing gun rights, or when dating. When someone makes a blanket statement about what “everyone” would do, they are really telling you what they would do.
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