Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 5

In his book Proclaiming Liberty, Philip Mulivor has given us a series of “themes” that pretty much all anti-gun arguments must fall into. I’m a big believer in breaking things down into easy to understand elements. Philip has managed to give us an easy reference framework to anti-gun argument. All we need to do is determine which “theme” the gun grabbers are working in and we know how to proceed.

This week I’ll be taking a different theme each day and talking about it. Today, Theme #5

5.       Gun prohibitionists expect new laws to mitigate criminal behavior

We all know this one. The gun grabbers are always trying to pass one more law. Paradise is just around the corner, we just need to pass one last law that will ensure that we get there.

We see it every time. We need to put up “No Guns Allowed” signs in parks, because the guy carrying a gun illegally, attacking someone illegally, shooting someone illegally is going to be put off by a sign that says “No Guns Allowed.

Laws are not intended to keep criminals in line. They are intended to keep the law abiding in line. They are like locks. They are just there to keep honest people honest. Perhaps the greatest discussion of how stupid the “one more law” crowd is can be seen in this video.

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One response to “Proclaiming Liberty – Theme 5

  1. One would think that Prohibition would have taught the Antis that if Laws are passed that affect the entire populace, but the majority of the populace chooses to ignore the Law, then it’s a Bad Law that never should have come about in the First Place.

    Oh, and Congrats on Perdue running for the Hills. Perhaps the Citizens of N.C. can regain some of their Stolen Freedom soon.