Orange County Sheriff gets his men (*Video*)

Two criminals are now in custody for the cowardly murder of two men in a robbery of a thrift store in Orange County.
For those from out of state, Chapel Hill, home of UNC-Chapel Hill, is in Orange County, NC.

Watching the video you can see the anger and frustration of one of the victim’s brother. That victim was a retired Deputy Sheriff, one with a great deal of integrity. After his son admitted to killing another person, he bagged up the evidence and marched his son off to the police department to turn him in.
And his reward is that he was murdered for less than $200 in a thrift store by two known criminals on active probation.
Like the Deputy’s brother said, no amount of justice can make up for this.

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3 responses to “Orange County Sheriff gets his men (*Video*)

  1. I feel for the victim’s family …

    I just read an article where an Ohio prosecutor was discussing the castle doctrine in that state, in which he stated that citizens should exercise deadly force as rarely as possible.

    Situations like the one in Orange make me think the exact opposite.

  2. Things are not getting better in Orange

    A Weapons ban. Read the definitions.
    I’ll be at the meeting Tuesday night raising hell.
    Chris Weaver

  3. @Chris: I’ve sent that on to the appropriate people. It’s not even close to legal under State law.

    In future, send this to me via direct email. It makes it easier to forward to the people who can coordinate the most hell raising.