Robbing the pizza guy

You know, there’s a hierarchy of criminal behavior. At the bottom are the sex crimes. Child molesting, rape, that sort of thing. Right above that is murder. Some would argue that those positions should be reversed, but I would still rather be thought a murderer than a rapist or child molester.
Somewhere near the bottom are people like this guy.
Robbing the pizza guy is pretty awful behavior. Some guy, out to make a few bucks delivering tasty happiness in a box should not have to worry that a couple of douche bags will try to stick him up for his tip money and a pizza. I would advocate for the death penalty for pizza delivery person robbers. Targeting the people who bring my dinner means fewer people will do the job, leading to higher costs and longer wait times. Robbing the pizza guy isn’t just robbing the pizza guy. It’s robbing all of us.
And here’s proof that he’s a serial lowlife.
I suggest that he be locked up for a very long time with no pizza. Or only pizza with anchovies, whichever he likes least.


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2 responses to “Robbing the pizza guy

  1. I think arming the pizza guys and girls is the way to go… AND giving them rewards for the perps they take down.

  2. I agree. My daughter’s boyfriend delivers pizza for Dominos. I’m told that corporate policy is no arming the drivers. I don’t buy pizza from Dominos…