Why do we even have laws?

Remember the thug who brought an AK pattern rifle to Eastern Carolina University campus? He got shot by the cops when he wouldn’t drop it?
Had you or I brought a gun to a college campus we’d be buried under the jail. They’d make an example out of us so big that the astronauts at President Gingrich’s Moonbase would be able to see us.
As a reminder, he not only had the gun, he pointed it at campus police.
And all he gets is 60 days.


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3 responses to “Why do we even have laws?

  1. Why do I suspect he’s NOT a first time offender…

  2. @OldNFO: I don’t have anything on him, but he is a Virginia resident, not an NC resident. I wouldn’t bet against you though.

  3. It is really sad when concealed carry permit holders would have had the book thrown at us a couple of felonies placed on us and our gun ownership rights stripped. This tool who will continue his lawless ways (mark my words) got a short vacation.