Former left wing guerrilla bans guns in Bogotá

Figure the odds. Some clown who was a member of the Columbian terror group M-19 has decided to ban guns in Bogata, Columbia.
It’s always the same story. Ban the law abiding from carrying guns in a vain attempt to stop the criminals from committing crimes. Two of the major anti-gun fallacies are there. First, the “you are so stupid that the criminal will just take it away from you” argument, and then the “You hotheads need me to take your guns away before you hurt someone” gambit. The only thing that makes it unusual is the fact that the politician pushing it was himself an armed criminal once.
Of course, by using his armed police force to violate the people’s natural right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, I think he’s still an armed criminal.
I predict that this “experiment” will be a smashing success. Unless there is something spectacular that messes it up, he will lie and declare victory. And then he will round up the guns.


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