You would think that these clowns would get tired of wasting their money

Apparently George, from the Newbie Shooter lives in this area. We’ll have to get him to tell the story more thoroughly, but the short version is that Dr. Michael Land has lived in his house for 20 plus years. He’s built himself a range in his backyard that meets all NRA standards. He’s never been charged with a crime. He’s so law abiding that he got permission to buy a Tommy Gun. Of course, the whiners who bought homes long after he had his shooting range want him to stop. Once again, the courts have tossed the suit against him
Good. He had the range and the submachine gun long before they moved in. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t have moved in. George says that they’ve about bankrupted their little homeowners association with their legal assault against this guy. You’d think that they would learn.


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4 responses to “You would think that these clowns would get tired of wasting their money

  1. I sure wish my neighbor had a shooting range in his backyard…

  2. It’s not whether they are tired of wasting their money but are they tired of wasting his. How long can he afford to keep fighting them?

  3. hahr40

    you would hope eventually a judge would see these as personal attacks without merit and require them to pay his court cost.


  4. I suppose he could force the issue and counter-sue …