Raleigh PD tracks them down while you wait

I linked to an ARFcom post a while back where the police officer author said that they put a great deal of effort into capturing armed robbers because of the level of danger that they represent. In a clear example of the kind of determination applied to such cases, Raleigh PD managed to catch the second of two armed robbers within 4 hours today.
I have the 911 calls, and I have no way to embed them. You have to hear it to believe it. The intended victim was stuck up at gunpoint where they demanded an absurd sum of money. They said they needed $50,000 and then demanded he take them inside and open the safe. He was confused, as he doesn’t have that kind of money, nor does he have a safe. He was terrified, not only for himself, but for his wife who was inside the house. Instead of complying with the demand, going inside, and possibly putting his wife in the line of fire, he ran away. He decided that he’d rather take a bullet in the back than see his wife shot.
Doesn’t surprise you, does it? The second of the two already had felony convictions for Common Law Burglary and solicitation/attempted possession of a firearm by a felon. How much jail time do you think he got? None at all. He is on active probation for the latter charge. The first suspect, while not a felon, was an absconder from parole and has a drug record.
Two things can be learned here. First, there’s worse things than getting shot. Watching your wife get tortured or raped in a vain attempt to force you to open a safe you don’t own ranks pretty high on that list. Second, get yourself on your local police’s press release email list. I received this via email this morning. Each time something interesting happens, the police send out a mass email to all the news organizations. If you ask the police’s Public Information Officer, he or she will add you to that list. It can be fascinating, in a morbid sort of way, reading all the stuff that the police consider newsworthy. Several times the stories I post here came from those RPD emails, or from the emails sent out by my local PD, Garner. I just wait until the newspaper writes them up so that I have links.


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