This pisses me off something royal

So, imagine that you’ve been in a car accident with a car carrying 5 people who were driving aggressively towards you. Two of them jump out of the car and beat on your window. They don’t leave you alone when you show them your gun. You call 911 and are recorded ordering them to leave you alone. You are recorded asking for police to help you at the same time you are telling the assailants to back away or you will shoot. The guy charges you and you shoot him. You talk to the dispatcher until the cops show, and during the investigation it’s determined that the guy you shot was a multiple felon. What do you think happens?
The asshole District Attorney charges you with a bunch of crimes, claiming that
“We just don’t allow people to go shoot people,” he said. “Using deadly force is a last resort. It shouldn’t be the first resort.”
Hey asshole! What exactly was this guy supposed to do outnumbered 2 to 1 (minimum) with a wrecked car and far away from help? Was he supposed to sprinkle pixie dust on himself, think happy thoughts, and follow the second star on the right?
I’m not going to link the story directly, I want you to read about it on Iowa gunblogger Robert Fowler’s blog. I am in wholehearted agreement with his conclusion,
You think that getting sent to jail until your trial is the worst that can happen to you? Read the whole thing to see how bad it can really get. God help him if the jury hadn’t believed him.
We need to see if we can get some money to him. He’s broke, homeless, and unemployed. That’s not justice.


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10 responses to “This pisses me off something royal

  1. Unbelievable.

    Well. Unfortunately, very believable. But it shouldn’t be.

  2. The worst part- he was on the phone with 911 when he shot- shooting was not his first resort. Robert did a great story.

  3. Sean,

    When Kevin asserts that neither the legislature nor the courts will save us, this is what he means. A DA who will charge a victim like this will do so whether the castle doctrine is in force or not.

    It’s my opinion that this shit will not stop until concerned citizens start applying … pressure … to the offenders, be they power-hungry DA’s or rogue cops. I will leave it to the reader to grok ‘pressure’.

  4. I am going to assume that since the article in the Register did not list his political party that the county attorney is a Democrat. Anyone in the Hawkeye state happen to know?

  5. This bastard of a DA should be run out of office.

  6. Well, I don’t know what the law is in Iowa, but based on the facts as stated, it appears to me that there was not proper service of the eviction notice, and the landlord might well be liable for damages. With any luck, the publicity will bring some helpful lawyer to pursue that angle.

    But as for the prosecution, nothing much to be done, except, of course, try & vote the prosecutor out of office. There was a question of fact, & that sort of thing does properly go to a jury. Hard to tell what the story that the cops told him was. But under the circumstances, the outcome was pretty predictable, and the prosecutor seems to have exhibited a serious failure of judgement – and that’s why he should be given the opportunity to pursue his opportunities in the private sector.

  7. Everyone should print up copies of this story. Lots of copies. At every election year, send them to every DA candidate and never let up until they condemn the conduct of this DA and explain why they would never do this while in office. Get it in print. Any waffling, no vote.

    Lather, rinse and repeat.

  8. @Seerak: That sounds like a good idea.

  9. I can not even begin to express about unbelievably mad this makes me. Why on earth do these idiots side with the criminals? What is the exact moment of “last” resort? I would like the DA to tell me the magic moment when it is now the “last” chance before it is ok to fight for ones own life.