Why I call Dennis Hennigan “Denny Henny”

A funny tweet showed up when I was eating dinner tonight,

and I just had to respond.
You see, I don’t see her as “Pollyanna.” Pollyanna had an optimistic outlook. From Wikipedia
This clearly does not describe japete. A bowl cut statist moron, however…
I was trying to explain this to my wife, and figured out that most people don’t know who “Henny Penny” is. Henny Penny is the name of the chicken widely referred to as “Chicken Little.” You know, the one who’s always running about screaming “the sky is falling!”
This led to a discussion of Dennis Hennigan. He either is or is not the current Acting Director of the Brady Campaign. There is some question about this as Brady hired another gun hater to be their Director, but their press releases keep saying Dennis is their Acting Director.
I’ve been referring to Dennis Hennigan as “Denny Henny” for a while now. It’s not just an annoying diminutive of his name, but also a reference to the fact that he spends his adult life running around screaming “the bullets are falling, the bullets are falling.” You can all feel free to use my nickname for him.
I think he got hit on the head with an acorn one too many times.

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2 responses to “Why I call Dennis Hennigan “Denny Henny”

  1. IIRC, Henny Penny was one of the other animals that Chicken Little enlisted to go with her to tell the king that the sky was falling.

    I’d have to consult the archives to be sure!

  2. Whoops, i forgot to link.the Wiki article. Google “Chicken Little Wiki” and see what comes up. Wiki redirects “Chicken Little ” to “Henny Penny” and says that depending upon the version, she can be named Chicken Little, Henny Penny, or Chicken Licken.