NCGV, Lies, Half-Truths, and the Anti-Gunner Way

You know, the gun grabbers are almost a bad parody of “The Chicago Way” in the Untouchables. We pull out facts, they lie harder. We point out problems with their argument; they change the subject and scream louder.

The latest hobby horse that North Carolinians against Gun Violence Ownership are trying to ride to relevance is the “Child Access Prevention” bandwagon. You see, it’s not that people do bad things, it’s that people don’t “properly secure” their firearms! Here’s their latest Tweet, the first in 8 days and only the 6th this month

NCGV breaks their radio silence to try to dance in the blood of a child shot in a school in Washington (AC*) when an 8 year old brought a gun from home and negligently discharged it from inside his book bag.

Wow, that puts a really different spin on things, doesn’t it? We have a drugged up convict mother in possession of what the child says is the father’s gun. The mother wasn’t “irresponsible,” she was a criminal! The father has what appear to be domestic violence protective orders against him. Are both of them prohibited persons? Are either of them legally allowed to own a gun?

Here’s the problem. If you have people who are barred by law from possession of a firearm, pissing and moaning that they didn’t “properly secure” that firearm is focusing on ants when elephants are stomping you to death. They also ignore that the child seems to be saying that it’s ok to bring a gun to school to solve a personal issue. Looking at his parent’s criminal records, I wonder where he learned that? They think that “One More Law™” will fix an already wildly dysfunctional family.

This goes to show you that the gun grabbers don’t care how they have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to violate your Second Amendment rights. They will do and say anything, and avoid, cover up, or just flat ignore reality to get what they want.

You start to wonder, though, if they even bother to read the whole story before they comment. They are always handing us the rope we use to hang them.

*AC = Above California, as opposed to DC, District of Columbia


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2 responses to “NCGV, Lies, Half-Truths, and the Anti-Gunner Way

  1. I had heard about this, but hadn’t read up on it. Those little details really change the whole focus of the story huh? I’d like to know how often something like this happens to someone who isn’t a criminal, there always seems to be more to these stories.

  2. The younger the victim the better the blood is for dancing. They never wait long either. They were dancing in the blood of the Tucson victims the same day that happened. The Bradyites have no shame. They have no clue either. It’s too bad we can’t ship them one.