Scrape some cash together for a guy who needs it

I posted about a guy in Des Moines who spent about 4 months in jail waiting for trial in a self defense shooting. They stuck him with such a huge bail amount that he couldn’t possibly pay it. He was evicted from his apartment and everything inside was put on the curb to be stolen. He got exactly the sort of treatment you’d expect in a state that doesn’t have a Castle Law.
Here’s your chance to give him a little something to get him back on his feet.
Sitting on my countertop, between both of the Netflix envelopes, is an envelope with a check for Mr Lewis. All three will go out in the mail Monday morning. Please consider doing the same.
Westminster Presbyterian Church
4114 Allison Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50310
It could have been any of us.
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21 responses to “Scrape some cash together for a guy who needs it

  1. The prosecutor should be the one in jail. And the one good thing our idiot governor has done her whole term is sign the Castle doctrine into law in N.C. Unfortunately, some cities are still fighting it (in parks), bigots that they are.

    We need an army of prosecutors who are bigots and power hungry Nazis. Otherwise, we are going to have to hold each and every one of them accountable, each and every time they do this sort of thing.

  2. Here in Iowa the prosecutor made an fool of himself testifying against the castle doctrine. All the while holding Jay in jail the entire time from his arrest to acquittal. The only times this made the news was the day he was arrested and the day after he was acquitted.

  3. Is there a way to donate via paypal?

  4. I didn’t read the previous articles about this, but doesn’t that count as false imprisonment, or any violation of his rights, such as to a speedy trial? Reminds me of the case up in Fort Collins, CO where a guy was sent to prison by a lying prosecutor…he rotted away for ten years before his letters ended up in the hands of a lawyer who looked into it and was stunned he was convicted on basically no evidence. He got 10 million.

  5. I used to live in Iowa (the People’s Republic of Johnson County, home of the UI). Nice people, but some of the dumbest laws imaginable run rampant in Iowa. This doesn’t shock me at all.

  6. Can we pay by paypal to you and put this mans name in the directions section thereby you can forward the $$$?

  7. Paypal ditto, get this reposted on Instapundit after PP, and I’m in for a few $s.

  8. I will not be collecting PayPal donations. I’ve emailed the church asking for a way to donate electronically. They have a credit card donation setup, but nothing to specify that the money is to go to Mr. Lewis. When they respond, I’ll post that info here.

    Consider sending the money via mail. Money is what he needs, true. But consider how cool it is to get a pile of physical letters, complete with postal marks from all over the nation.

    Just go to your bank and get a bank check, or the post office and get a money order. Considering all he suffered, an hour of your time is worth it to put this right.

  9. Their CC service appears to have crashed. However,
    PayPal will send to anyone with an email address.
    This page has “mailto” links –

    I chose the pastor mentioned in the Register:
    Pastor Scott Paczkoski

  10. You should name the prosecutor. There should at least be a social sanction for his actions if Iowa cannot bring itself to do the right thing and fire him. The only reason leftists pull this sort of stuff is that there is no price associated with it. This guy’s name should be mud.

    I would like to propose a directory of out of control prosecutors. Just as there is a registry of sex offenders so that people may know what risks their children are being exposed to there should be a registry, even if only an informal one, that lets people know the risks they are running living near these prosecutors. You have less defense against the predations of prosecutors since they are operating under color of law so it is even more vital to know their whereabouts and what they are up to.

  11. He was in jail 112 days- I think he chose the speedy trial, surprising the locals and forcing John Sarcone’s hand. I’ve seen no mention if his attackers were brought up on assault or drunk driving charges.

  12. I would like to propose a directory of out of control prosecutors.

    This is a good idea; I lived in Middlesex County, Massachusetts for a decade (went to college there and was a computer programmer in the area until Route 128 died in the early ’90s) and some time into that I learned that for a good period of it the DA, who later became a very abusive state AG, had a firm policy of charging all self-defense homicides as first degree murder, saying it was the job of the jury to decide.

    Knowledge of that wouldn’t have changed my behavior, but it still would have been helpful to know.

  13. The scumbag prosecutor is
    John Sarcone and is a Democrat

    If you read the article at the Des Moines Register Sarcone is quoted ‘What Lewis’ case shows is that current law works, Sarcone said: “I don’t know why people are afraid of jury trials. I’m not.” What a tool.

  14. An Observation

    As to Mr Sarcone’s comment that he is not afraid of a jury trial: Let us charge he, himself with being a child molester and see if he still thinks jury trials are nothing to fear.

    The law is designed to convict 90% of the people who are brought to trial – regardless of their actual guilt or innocence. Since the law has no way to really determine whether a given person is actually guilty or innocent, the law just convicts 90% and calls it “close enough”. If you ever have the misfortune to run afoul of the law you will discover the above is a simple fact. If you are guilty, a one in ten chance of getting off is pretty good, if you are innocent – a nine in ten chance of being convicted really stinks.

  15. You don’t need to collect it. The church needs to set up an account. It is easy. All they need to do is link to an email address to get started*. I’m not embellishing; I have no stamps, I have a mail slot for incoming mail with no box for it to be picked up, et cetera. I have not mailed anything in a couple years.
    * Actually, technically, we could send payment to their email address before they even created a PayPal account…

  16. Johnson county has one of the dumbest sheriffs too. He keeps claiming he has to give carry permits to criminals. What a tool. I told him that if he was giving permits to criminals I was going to have ATF investigate him for violations of the Brady law. I never did hear back.

  17. Unfortunately, Sarcone was just re-elected in November. No one ran against him. I wish I had the credentials to run. After listening to the 911 call I knew he should not have been locked up. He warned the 2 goblins twice to stay back before he shot. 3 1/2 months in jail for obvious self defense. We are working on getting castle doctrine/stand your ground. Then Sarcone will have to get off his ass and actually do his job. No more guilty until you can prove otherwise.

  18. Jaded, above, asked me to collect the money myself. I was just saying I wouldn’t.

  19. Is there any more information about how this gentleman is doing? It won’t change whether or not I donate, I just want to hear some good news.