Super-Secret sneak peek at the rifle barrel you all want

In addition to being your blog host, I moonlight as Deputy Assistant Shop Monkey at Templar Custom.

Here’s what I spent my Sunday working on.

This is the new prototype barrel from Templar. It’s an integrally suppressed AR barrel. The idea is that a barrel that is 16 inches overall, but has a suppressor built in would not require you to register your rifle as a Short Barreled Rifle.
The barrel will still be subject to a $200 tax stamp for the suppressor, but the rifle itself will be a normal AR-15. Couple this with Templar’s FastRail quick change barrel system and you can run a standard unsuppressed barrel normally, and in about 5-10 minutes, swap it out for this suppressed barrel.
The barrel will be 17” overall, including the outer tube. Overall length with the stock collapsed is 34”. This is about the shortest you’re going to get without springing for another $200 SBR tax stamp.
Bob is still assembling the gas block, but he hopes to test fire it soon. Video when we get it running.

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10 responses to “Super-Secret sneak peek at the rifle barrel you all want

  1. You look like an INSURRECTIONIST!!

    Cool design! I love suppressors!

  2. do want!

  3. I can has in 300BLK?

  4. Can you do that with a CMMG dedicated .22lr barrel?
    Will I be able to disassemble it to do my own cleaning…..

  5. @Weer’d: and sadly, I didn’t receive my “Militia of One” tee shirt until Monday. I’d have emailed a photo of me in that shirt with this rifle directly to Ladd.

    @Aeronathan: Once it becomes a production item, I am sure that Bob would be happy to talk prices with you.

    @Chris: I don’t want to give away any deep company secrets, but there just might be a possibility that this will be available in .300 Blackout. Let’s prove this concept first, though.

    @Thomas: Can I do that? No. I am just the Deputy Assistant Shop Monkey. My duties include witty conversation, throwing the frisbee for the dog, handing tools to Bob, cleaning up metal chips in front of the lathe, and once I even took his daughter to her friends house so that Bob could keep working on something.

    Bob, however, just might be able to. You can contact Bob via his web page,

  6. Wow! I want! Heck, it should be standard on almost every AR. Would it be serviceable if say you wanted to run .22lr through it in a conversion?

    -Bryan S

  7. @Bryan S: I have no idea. You should direct that question to Bob at Templar Custom.

  8. Very good. Suppressors will—I hope—soon be just the norm. And, integral is very good.

  9. Sean,

    What is the rifled barrel length? Some of the integrally-suppressed firearms I’ve seen are essentially short barrels with the suppressor core on the end, all wrapped in an extra-long suppressor tube. So in a rifle with 17″ of ‘barrel’, it would have 10″ of actual barrel and 7″ of suppressor.

  10. It is approximately a 10″ of rifled barrel. It is a full barrel, so you don’t need a SBR stamp on the rifle. If you took the tube off, it would still be 16″ long, just not rifled.

    The velocity expected out of a 10″ barrel is 2,600 FPS for a 62gr bullet, or just about 300 FPS slower than it would be out of a 16″ barrel. That’s enough for inside the house work.