Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Jacking Your Car edition

You’d think that a country that basically bans civilian ownership of firearms would have less gun crime.
Hmm. Good thing that the husband isn’t allowed to own a pistol. He might have shot the attackers and saved everyone a lot of trouble. Even if he’d legally owned a shotgun, he’d have had to open the safe, get the shotgun, open the locked container with the ammo, load the shotgun, and go outside. Then he’d have been arrested. In most places in America, we are within our rights to roll out of the house with an AR-15 and shoot people assaulting our wives. As long as you don’t hose down the neighborhood, the cops would be much happier finding the perps dead on the street than having to search for them.
If the choice is Cowboy justice and total civilian disarmament, I’ll take the (fictional) Wild Wild West anytime.


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