Murderer comes from criminal family?

If there is one article of faith around this blog it could be summed up in the following phrase,
Leopards don’t change their spots
This works both ways. Obviously I believe that those who have proven that they are on the wrong side of the law are extremely unlikely to suddenly decide to walk the straight and narrow. The other side is that those who are law abiding as a matter of habit will not suddenly turn into monsters. That was the whole point of my “felons behaving badly” category. The anti-gunners are always pretending that people like you and me are going to “snap” and murder people with our “loaded, hidden firearms.”
So what are we to make of the school shooter* in Chardon yesterday? A young man from a good family, with a bright future and all the prospects in the world? Umm, maybe not.
Even his mom got into the act
He even had a criminal past
And he wasn’t actually a student at the school he shot up.
According to the interviews being conducted, the people he shot up were students waiting to take the bus to that “alternative” school. We should be clear that “alternative” does not mean “magnet.” Alternative is the more PC way of saying “Reform School.”
The thing that’s pissing me off about all the chatter on Twitter (I’ll rant about Twitter later) is that people keep popping off about “bullying.” Let me go on record now with my armchair diagnosis. The shooter is a psychopath. Not a crazed axe murderer blibbering about voices in his head movie-type psychopath, but a real, walking, talking, DSM diagnosable psychopath. I think he’s no different than the other famous psychopath school shooter who everyone pretended was a bullying victim. There is some speculation that he shot one guy after his ex-girlfriend started dating the new guy. This is the sort of behavior a psychopath would think made sense. We’ll have to wait and see, but keep in mind. Sometimes people are outcasts and loners because they are so damaged that no one in their right minds wants to be friends with them. Remember who the above linked psychopath’s friend was, a depressive, revenge minded teen.
I think that in the end we will find that this murderer is another of those severely damaged people who grew up without a conscience. I think we’ll find that he sees others as objects to be used in any way he sees fit. I think that in his mind, killing people that refused to give him his way made sense. And worst of all, once everyone starts telling about him, the problem will look so obvious that we’ll all wonder why no one did anything before this point.
* I have a policy of not naming people like this. They generally want fame, and I plan on denying them their infamy. Let them die in obscurity.


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