Why is far Leftist “Progress Ohio” running a fake Chardon school shooting memorial website?

Ladd Everitt and his band of far leftist anti-gunners have been spamming Twitter with exhortations to “leave a note of support” at what appears to be some sort of memorial website “RememberingChardon.com.” Prompted by a tweet from @spartywrx, I decided to Whois the website. Here’s what I found.
So the owner of Remembering Chardon is Progress Ohio. Like pretty much anything with the word “progress” in the name (except for Progress Energy) Progress Ohio is just another astroturfed far left organization. Read their website and see what amounts to a laundry list of Leftist causes.
So why is an extreme leftist (albeit one that tries to appear “responsible” rather than violent) website running a “Memorial” website for a school shooting? I think it’s just a way to collect emails to add to their mailing list. The Left as a group is anti-gun. The leader of CSGV, Josh Horwitz, wrote in his book that guns were a threat to Progressive politics.
While we try to believe that the various leftist groups out there are independent, the reality is that they are just one big group. A political hydra with many heads in many issues. The anti-gun lobby is just one face of a much larger group.
Feel free to use the number and the email address and ask Bret Thompson of Progress Ohio just what the heck he thinks he’s doing with his fake memorial website. If you want a real memorial, go here.

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2 responses to “Why is far Leftist “Progress Ohio” running a fake Chardon school shooting memorial website?

  1. I’m wondering how the local press would react to this.

  2. feel free to let them know.