How depraved do you have to be to be cruel to a dog?


Cleveland County animal control had to deal with a gruesome crime recently,

That sounds awful. But the suspect offered an excuse
The story goes on to say that the dog was too dehydrated to test for poison, so I wonder why they didn’t just take his word for it?
That, plus the physical evidence against him, I guess.
People who abuse children, women, and animals are scum. Nope, I take that back. They are slime, because scum rises to the top.


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4 responses to “How depraved do you have to be to be cruel to a dog?

  1. I believe that there is a special place in hell for people (and I use the term loosely)that do things like this. I also believe they should hurry up and get there.

  2. +1 on Robert’s comment… That is as bad as abusing a child…

  3. Old NFO and Robert,
    I agree

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