Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise: Strange Looking Military Grade Machine Gun edition

Oh, Canada, what the heck is this thing?

It looks like someone slapped a really strange looking muzzle brake on the end of a pistol grip BAR. And you’ll never guess where they found it.
Well, certainly. If one were minded to machine gun the town, this would do the job rather nicely. Of course, it was the drug dealing that bothered the neighbors, so that’s what earned them a police visit.
Wait, isn’t Canada the country that just got rid of their “long gun registry?” I’ll bet that this machine gun wasn’t properly listed.
Those naughty criminals. They keep breaking the law. When will they learn to follow all of the laws and not just the ones they feel like following?


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7 responses to “Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise: Strange Looking Military Grade Machine Gun edition

  1. Looks like the FAL I built – but no idea what that funnel on the muzzle is supposed to do.

    Looks like a trumpet mute. “Silencer”?

  2. Being it’s Canukistan, it’s probably a C1, the Canadian version of the L1A1.

    My FrankenFAL has an inch-pattern upper just like that rifle but nothing like that whateveryouis on the end of the barrel. Flash hider? Muzzle Brake? Suppressor?

    It’s probably some Bubba item (Bubb-eh?) because I thought I knew a lot about FALs and that things a mystery to me.

  3. Found it!

    That is indeed an FAL variant because that thing on the end is a recoil reducer manufactured for the Malayan contract rifles.

    Very rare.

  4. Hmmmmmm…

    Allied Armament / XS Products X-FAL 50 Round Drum

  5. Yep FAL “SAW” with the heavy barrel and bipod. I defer to Knitebane for the thing on the muzzle. I knew a Girl in the 80s who had a thing like that on her hair dryer. She had to be mindful that her bangs didn’t get caught in ceiling fans….I’m just sayin’!

  6. FAL with half a silencer?

  7. Canadian C2A1 with an Australian “toilet plunger” muzzle brake. The C2 is the heavy barrel SAW version of their C1A1 rifle.