Anti-Gunners in (Formerly Great) Britain lie just as much as ours do

Everyone loves a victim it seems. We pretend that the mere fact that a person can claim victim status means that they are immune to criticism. It’s not surprising that some are happy to pretend to be victims when they are not. That holds true in England as well. (Video at link)

You know, as bad as The Alchemist Colin Goddard is, at least he is an actual victim, and not an “Associate Victim.” At least he has actual scars to show for his victimhood. This woman claims victim status by claiming family and friends were murdered.
It’s time that we understand that “victims,” whether real or imagined, do not have special status in a policy argument. The same standards of evidence apply to both sides of the argument. Of course, in the gun rights argument, that means that the anti-gun side will get crushed like bugs. They have no evidence that their proposals will achieve anything positive. So I can see why they lie about their victim status just as much as they lie about their “evidence.”


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9 responses to “Anti-Gunners in (Formerly Great) Britain lie just as much as ours do

  1. It is amazing how your twist and turn your comments and never look at the causes of gun violence. The failure to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill is the problem. I notice no one mentions that. Nor do you mention the frightening similarities between the two school shootings in Virginia–Failure to heed warning signs, gross negligence at the time of the shooting, and the cover ups that followed. Congratulations for mudding the water and throwing that mud at a victim. You approach the problem with the intellectual power of a 40 watt light bulb and fall back on name calling. You must be proud of yourselves for helping to lay the groundwork for more school shootings.

  2. Welcome to the blog David. Not an auspicious beginning, but welcome anyway.

    David, I might be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if you were telling me that I was wrong about Balkan affairs,

    as your experience in the matter would certainly outweigh mine, but we aren’t discussing stuff like that. What we are discussing is simply common sense, and it is clear you either lack that or you are choosing not to apply it in this case.

    The “causes” of “gun violence” are simple. A person, with evil intent, uses a weapon to harm or threaten to harm others. Like most of my friends, I don’t think that “gun violence” is a useful term at all. Robbed is robbed, raped is raped, dead is dead, and whether or not the criminal used a firearm is completely beside the point. The problem is that there are people who use force against others to get what they want. Some want resources like money. Others simply want to enjoy hurting you. The problem is not now, nor has it ever been access to a firearm. Anyone who says differently is a fool, no matter how many years of government service they have.

    The problem is that people who have been previously identified as dangerous, either because they are criminals or because they are crazy, are not being put in jail or in mental hospitals. Whether or not guns are freely available in the local store is irrelevant if the criminals and the crazies are safely locked up. But you don’t want to lock up the criminals and the crazies. You’d rather make getting a gun a long and costly process, filled with bureaucratic “judgment” calls and rife with abuse because of it. You want to take a civil right and force me and the rest of your fellow citizens to beg for permission to exercise that right. Well you can take a long walk off a short pier. I don’t care who you know that was shot.

  3. The failure to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill is the problem.

    Right. And who’s responsible for deinstitutionalization?

    Next you’re going to suggest that all potential and current legal firearm owners should be required to undergo psych evaluations before purchasing a firearm. Good luck implementing that.

    The victim you allude to is now a spokesman for a gun control group. Sometimes victimhood doesn’t make one an expert at fixing a “problem,” particularly when the problem could’ve been avoided by keeping mentally ill people institutionalized instead of releasing them back into the public. The suspect’s family certainly didn’t help him, and it’s not the fault of legal firearm owners en masse when a few individuals go on a shooting spree. Don’t blame them, don’t blame me. Blame the suspect and the state that allowed him to be on the streets.

  4. Again you engage in emotional words. Tell me, show me where I ever said I want getting a gun to be a long and costly process. Show me where I have said that. Please don’t put words in my mouth or lie about me–please be honest. A rape is a rape, dead is dead, and a lie is a lie (putting words in someone’s mouth).

    My daughter-in-law was the student killed at the Appalachian School of Law. I have every right in the world to discuss this topic without having my words and motives distorted. I have spent 10 years researching and writing about gun violence on campus. I am the author of book on the law school shooting, I have just published a textbook on intelligence and crime analysis that contains a lengthy case study on Virginia Tech. I teach intelligence and crime analysis in the US, Canada and around the world. Please be honest and less emotional and be willing to listen to other people’s views without distorting their positions.

    I would remind you that the first amendment to the constitution is freedom of speech–don’t distort or discount that right. I would also remind you that the declaration of independence puts the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the first line. Angela Dales, the mother of my oldest grandchild was murdered at the Appalachian School of Law–her freedom of speech and her rights to life and happiness were taken away. My family has paid dearly and will not be intimidated by name-calling and distortions.

    Finally, the causes of gun violence are not simple–they are multi-faceted. No one thing or cause results in these terrible school shootings. Cheap name calling and putting words in other mouths undercuts the need for all sides to be heard and to find an answer to this terrible problem.

  5. You started off saying that the problem is keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people is the problem. You can’t say you didn’t, it’s up there in black and white. You have two problems, either make guns hard to get, or put mentally ill people in institutions. It’s obvious that you don’t plan on putting the crazies in institutions because then you and I would agree.

    So the other option is to put even MORE stupid and pointless restrictions on my right to keep and bear arms. What’s next, a note from my mental health professional swearing I’m sane? More begging and pleading with bureaucrats so that I can exercise my rights? No. Not going to happen. Get that through your skull now. You aren’t going to increase gun control, so you may as well quit now. In fact, we’re in the process of ripping the whole mess down.

    I don’t personally care what you do for a living. You aren’t going to take away my rights over what someone else did to someone who married your son. Your status as some sort of associate victim doesn’t cut any ice here. My rights are spelled out rather completely in the Bill of Rights. The fact that some crazy murdered your daughter in law doesn’t change them.

    And only a person with too much intelligence and not enough sense would try to imagine that the subject was all that complicated. The subject is simple. Some people will kill you. They have lots of “reasons” for doing this, but they all basically boil down to “because you don’t fucking matter to them.” Wrap your brain around that. You don’t matter, have never mattered, and will never matter to people like that. They will slaughter you for your money, for your property, or just for the sheer joy of slaughtering you. The basic problem isn’t your money, your property, or your life, it’s the fact that some people just don’t care about you as a person. Instead of trying to treat the symptoms, take a good hard look at the actual disease.

    As for “intimidation” grow up. Playing the victim card because I won’t kiss your backside because your son’s wife got shot is something most people grew out of in the 7th grade. I didn’t come to your house to tell you what I think of you. I didn’t seek you out to give you my opinion. You showed up here. Stop pretending that you are a victim, either of my horrible lack of courtesy, or of my civil rights.

  6. I have heard it said that drinking too much Carolina moonshine damages peoples brains–I think you are walking proof of that. I like your use of English–clearly you are not too well educated–no one would accuse you of that. A few years ago there was a singing group called “Carolina Liar.” I now know where they got the inspiration for their name. Thanks, and please don’t forget all those four letter word–your vocabulary speaks volumes.

  7. It must be fun to stereotype people based upon your views of the state they live in. Did you do the same thing to the people of the Balkans? Or is it only your own countryman you sneer at?

    Here’s the problem. I have a fair idea who you are, and you have no idea at all about who I am. That means that when you call me a moonshine swilling, Carolina redneck, you only look stupider than you already looked.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You are right, how could I have misjudged such logic and wisdom. It must be a terrible burden to be so right and watch others be so wrong. Your vocabulary, coupled with your calm rational approach to problems continues to astound me.