Oh NOES! Machine GUNZ!! And they ADVERTISE!!!

In what looks like either an epic troll, or the best possible outcome of a publicity campaign, Machine Gun Vegas has convinced the local anti-gun industry in (Formerly Great) Britain to spaz out over their advertising a chance to shoot machine guns on their Las Vegas shooting range.

Machine Gun Vegas is “targeting” the rights deprived Brits in exactly the same way that McDonalds is “targeting” hungry people. Those dastardly businessmen! Who are they to allow people to do something legal and charge for the privilege?
And they evilly used the story of a criminal thrown in jail for owning a machine gun in (Formerly Great) Britain as a way to advertise!
True. It would have cost him less, both in money and in time! I think that this is the perfect sort of advertising. “hey, don’t break the law, bring some cash and your passport and we’ll show you how to do it right and legally!”
So, is the British government in the habit of handing out passports to criminals?
Here’s what’s really going on. They anti-gunners know that guns are fun. They know that if the ordinary Brit gets used to guns, he’ll stop being afraid of them and start asking why his ancestors could own them, but he can’t. He’ll start openly asking his friends and neighbors why it is that he, a law abiding person, is banned from having guns on the grounds of “public safety,” but that same gun control fails to stop the criminals from having all the guns they want.
We all know what happens when people start asking logical questions about gun control. Nothing good for the gun controllers.
And the whole time that this “controversy” is going on, Machine Gun Vegas is laughing all the way to the bank. The idiots in the UK press are giving them tons of free press to advertise their perfectly legal services, encouraging thousands to come who would have never heard of the opportunity otherwise.
Hey (Formerly Great) Britain! YHBT YHL FOAD

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6 responses to “Oh NOES! Machine GUNZ!! And they ADVERTISE!!!

  1. Sean,

    I’m going to Las Vegas in a month or so. I’ll have to check out Machine Gun Vegas. Thanks for the tip!

    Best wishes,

  2. There used to be ranges in Hawaii that catered to Japanese tourists in exactly the same way. IDN if they are still there or not.

  3. …is the British government in the habit of handing out passports to criminals? Only Islamist ones on the dole with multiple wives who go to Pakistan for Jihad training!

  4. Check the phone book before you come. There are several other ranges that rent full auto.

  5. Ive shot at Machine Guns Vegas, Its awesome. Great customer service as well as a great experience.

  6. While I am provisionally willing to take your word for it, I would be willing to verify it personally if MGV wanted to fly me out there and show me what they have.