Two blogmeet and shooting opportunities

Want to do some shooting? Want some serious training value for your shooting money? I’ve got two opportunities for you

March 24-25 – Ramseur, NC
Sign up at the Appleseed site. The cost is about $75 for men, with various discounts available for military and re-enactors. Women shoot free.
TigerSwan – Introduction to Pistol class. 8 hours of first class instruction with former Special Operations members.
April 28th – Stedman, NC.
Cost is $210 for the class, or $340 for the class, pistol rental, and ammo.
Email me for payment option. For those who have already said they want to go, now is the time to get your money in!

Both of these opportunities are closing out fast. Get onboard now.


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7 responses to “Two blogmeet and shooting opportunities

  1. I will be there for both and you should have my payment for TigerSwan.

  2. @Keads: I got your check. Tell your friends, acquaintances, people you meet at the gun store. We need more people for the class.

    @AGirl: You can come to the pistol class too. See you soon at Appleseed.

  3. I will throw something up at the range.

  4. How come all the cool stuff happens so far away from Raleigh…

  5. Neither place is all that far from Raleigh. When I get done with the Garner Citizen’s Police Academy (in 8 weeks) you could come to the range with us on Tuesday evenings.

    I’ll be camping at Appleseed, because it’s two days. TigerSwan, however, I am going to daytrip. If you want, you could ride with us.