Sanford PD speaks out on Treyvan shooting

The Sanford PD detectives who investigated the Treyvan shooting have spoken out. Video embedding is disabled, so go HERE.
Key Points
  1. Prosecutors told police that there wasn’t enough evidence to win a manslaughter case.
  2. Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him and the voice screaming for help was Zimmerman’s. Witnesses back up the claim that Martin was the aggressor.
  3. Treyvan’s father listened to the tape and told cops that the voice was not his son. 
They refer to an Orlando Sentinel newspaper report, which the Chief of Police says is accurate. If anyone can find a link to that article, please let me know.


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14 responses to “Sanford PD speaks out on Treyvan shooting

  1. In a sane and logical world, points 2 and (especially) 3 would put an end to all of this mess. But I bet you it won’t.

  2. I saw that when he posted it. It is pretty thin. But it certainly didn’t have any obvious stupid errors.

  3. I’d still like to see a thorough investigation. It is important that all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted.

    Then we can start pointing out how the anti-gunners and the race baiters are acting JUST like what happened in the Duke Lacrosse scandal.

    Of course, it remains to be seen what the final story will be. I will continue to reserve judgement until then.

  4. I am with you Sean but every new bit that comes out makes me think that it was more and more a case of SD.

  5. I have always been sympathetic to the self defense case. Nothing yet has shown me that it wasn’t. The difference is that I respect the fact that I don’t have the info, and am basing my sympathy on prejudice.

    I’m partial to concealed carriers. We don’t cause much mayhem, so I think it is out of character for a CCer to have started this. But we both know that is mere prejudice, so I have to wait until I the official determination is made. Facts trump feelings, so if we get facts that show he was acting criminally, I will respect that.

    I just wish the other side would act the same way. Of course, if they did, they would lose a prime opportunity to try to make us look bad. To them we are evil just because we carry guns. Actually killing someone just cements that in their mind.

  6. He got out of his car after he was told not to.

    Get past that point and a self-defense case is plausible.

  7. Except 1) getting out of his car was not illegal, and 2) 911 dispatchers have no authority to tell anyone anything, because they are not police.

    Was he foolish for getting out of the car? Absolutely. Was it a criminal act? Certainly not.

  8. Sorry Larry, but you are wrong. First, the police chief has already said that it was not an order, but a suggestion not to follow him, and in any case did not have the force of law and it appears that the shooter lost sight of the kid and was returning anyway.

    Second, the evidence that the police collected appears to confirm the shooter’s story that the youth attacked him when the shooter was on his way to the truck.

    You cannot set the standard for self defense to be “Do not do ANYTHING that people later might consider a mistake.” You took the same class as me. If the shooter punched the kid and then ran away, the kid couldn’t chase him down and attack him.

    Remember the video? Dude in the truck, drunk, provokes a fight, withdraws from the fight, and is pursued by a guy with a knife. Dude pulls a gun from his truck and shoots. Ruling: lawful shoot. If that’s lawful, then there’s no way that the mere act of getting out of his truck means he has no right of self defense.

    The witnesses corroborate the shooters story that the youth was on top, punching him. No one found any reason to doubt the contention that the kid attacked the shooter.

    yeah, he shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck. But that doesn’t mean he should go to jail for defending himself.

    Again, we have to wait for all the evidence, but you can’t claim that him getting out of the truck means that the kid can punch the shooter into unconsciousness absent some assault on the kid that he was defending himself against.

  9. If he was elected or nominated by the neighborhood to the position of Neighborhood Watch Captain then he may well have been under the belief that he was duty bound to get out of his car and investigate. Especially considering that he had stopped criminal activity in the past and likely was told to keep up the good work.

  10. I personally don’t believe we will EVER know the truth…

  11. Didn’t say it was criminal. It was stupid and he should have known better. He had called the cops, they were on their way, his job as neighborhood watch was over. Now all of us get to pay a piece of the price for it.

  12. i agree 100% with Larry. Know your role as NEIGhBORHOOD WATCH! Plus Zimmerman has a record of charges including assault on an officer and constantly had the cops called for the pettiest reasons. He was told by a 911 dispatcher to remain where he was, police or not, he should have listened. That boy would still be alive if so, and if Trayvon was questioned by the PROPER AUTHORITIES they would have seen he was unarmed and not dangerous! Zimmerman was too trigger happy, and the facts still remain the boy was unarmed and over 100 lbs lighter than Zimmerman.

  13. 1. Zimmerman was NOT a neighborhood watch captain, but was originally reported as a “Self-Appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain.” Somewhere along the line the reporters stopped adding “Self-Appointed.”

    2. Zimmerman was arrested but not convicted, an issue which the State considered so minor that they didn’t even revoke his concealed license.

    3. Zimmerman called 911 46 times in 11 years, or just a bit over 11 times per year. I’ve called 911 three or four times in the last year, reporting a possible drunk driver and two incidents of gunfire in my neighborhood. Cops want us to pay attention and to report what we see. Using that info to try to paint a person as some sort of danger to society will only encourage others to avoid reporting possible crimes in progress. That isn’t what anyone (except the criminals) wants.

    4. a)the dispatcher on the phone is almost never a cop. b) the dispatcher’s recommendations are not orders and do not have the force of law and wouldn’t even if they were cops. c) There is no evidence released yet that shows that Zimmerman didn’t comply with that request.

    5. Trayvon’s weight was misreported as 140, but he was actually 6’2′ or 3″ and 180 lbs. Zimmerman’s weight was reported as 240, which appears to be how much he weighed when he was arrested in 2005, when that booking photo was taken. Look at this much more recent photo and tell me he still weighs 240

    Though they are still showing a several year old photo of Trayvon.

    6. Punching someone to the ground, sitting on him, and then bashing his head on the sidewalk repeatedly is dangerous, possibly fatal. It’s about as far from “not dangerous” as it is possible to be.