Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: In Self Defence* edition

It looks like the people in (Formerly Great) Britain have finally made it clear to their overlords that killing in self defense is not a crime.
The 72 year old man was originally arrested on suspicion of murder, but later released when the Crown made the determination that he used “reasonable force.” What made stabbing them “reasonable?”
So how is it that in gun free (Formerly Great) Britain, every stupid criminal seems to have a gun? Why is a 72 year old man forced to grapple with four thugs, using only a knife? After he killed one he was still faced with three, whose combined total age was still less than his.
They say that old age and treachery beats youth and skill. I say, give that old man a gun. We need our old men to be dangerous.
* Spelt incorrectly in deference to the odd conventions of English English.


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