I love costume dramas

I know it will come as a great shock, but I really love costume dramas. Even ones starring annoying leftist American women pretending to be British. I’ve never been able to read anything Jane Austen wrote, but I will cheerfully sit through any Jane Austen movie. To be honest, I don’t think my wife even likes Jane Austen movies, so I’m not getting sweetie points for sitting through chick flicks.
This is what I’ve been watching recently.

It doesn’t hurt that Michelle Dockery is painfully beautiful to watch. She’s even more attractive in Downton Abbey than she was as Susan Sto Helit in Hogfather. Here she is in Hogfather as Death delivers the greatest moral of the story, ever.

Downton Abbey is so good that my wife watched the whole thing with me. Her favorite character is Carson, the butler, played by Jim Carter. It is her suggestion that one of my other favorite shows, The First 48, could be much improved by substituting  Jim Carter for the narrator. Or he could just read the phone book. Either way, much improved.
Give it a look. If you have Netflix, you can watch the first season on streaming video. The second season is DVD only.


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4 responses to “I love costume dramas

  1. The Missus and I liked Downton Abbey a lot. We’re huge Maggie Smith fans, though.

  2. She is wonderful in this, isn’t she?

  3. I just watched the Christmas Special (after Season 2) on the flight over to India last night. I’ve managed to watch two seasons plus the special in about ten days – not bad.

    It’s a great show – I’m looking forward to what happens next.

    I completely agree with your take on Michelle Dockery 🙂

  4. I am thinking about implementing a “Michelle Dockery Monday” feature on this blog. I think it would class the place up a bit.