Michelle Dockery Monday

Who are these women who are messing up Michelle Dockery’s photo?
(Click to Embiggenate)
This is a gun blog, of course. That doesn’t stop me from posting about other things that are worth noting. Besides, women are like guns. Don’t believe me? Get into an argument about what starlet is best looking. Doesn’t it sound basically like an argument over which gun for concealed carry? I say a Springfield XD .45 ACP Compact and Michelle Dockery. No doubt that others will prefer a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm and Angelina Jolie. Still others will insist that if it isn’t a Glock .40 and Christina Hendricks, they don’t want it.
I think that no matter what else we argue about here, we can all agree that there are three women above who are messing up Michelle Dockery’s photo.


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2 responses to “Michelle Dockery Monday

  1. Which one is Ms Dockery?

  2. Bottom right. The pretty one, though it’s not the best photo of her.