Rosenthal lies about cops killed with own gun

Update: For some reason I ended up using the 2009 data when the 2010 data is available.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 498
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 47
47 is 8.69% of all officers killed feloniously. 46 is 9.24% of all officers killed with a gun.

Via Kurt Hoffman, we have John Rosenthal trying to tell us that gun rights are racist. That’s a switch, usually we tell people (quite correctly) that the original gun control laws were specifically tailored to take guns away from the people who were the “wrong” color. That’s right, it’s gun control that’s racist, not gun rights.

I’m not going to cause myself a brain hemorrhage by trying to read all of his arguments, and I’m certainly not going to spend all night refuting them all, but I’m going to talk about one that I know pretty well.
Unfortunately for Rosenthal, that info is easily available. The FBI helpfully posts all sorts of useful info on Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted. Here’s the home page.
Total killed with guns (Same chart as above)                               – 490
Total killed with “own weapon,” (includes one baton!)                 – 41
So for the math challenged, 41 is 7.65% of all officers killed feloniously. 40 is 8.16% of all officers killed with a gun. At a minimum Rosenthal has overstated his numbers by 100%. In other words, he pulled a number out of his backside and he hopes that you won’t notice.

In addition, as Kurt reminds us, the only State to mandate “smart gun” technology is New Jersey. And New Jersey specifically exempts police officers from those laws, so even if this fantasy tech existed, the cops getting killed with their own guns wouldn’t be using it.

Rosenthal lies about the numbers. He lies about cops using that technology.

If that’s the care he took with simple, easy to verify information, how much care did he take with the rest of his article?


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3 responses to “Rosenthal lies about cops killed with own gun

  1. I notice he doesn’t mention that the racial disparity in crime rates not only involves the victims of homicide, but the perpetrators of it as well.

    Must be racist whities giving those black criminals the guns that they use to murder a disproportionate number of black kids.

    He also fails to mention the racial disparity in gang membership and that a large majority of homicides in the US are gang related.

    I really have to give credit to him for this one though:

    Further, since the 2005 Stand Your Ground law went into effect in Florida there has been a tripling of homicides that could not be prosecuted.

    Translation: Since the 2005 stand your ground law went into effect, the ability of overzealous prosecutors to charge people who were guilty of nothing more than defending themselves with a gun has been cut by a third.

    Actually, I seriously doubt that the “stand your ground” law had anything to do with an increase in self defense shootings. Were there really that many people before the law who were prosecuted for nothing more than failing to retreat before engaging in self defense? If so, they needed that law badly.

    I’d say more likely the increase in defensive shootings is nothing more than an artifact of the simple fact that more and more people are arming themselves and taking responsibility for their own safety and well-being.

    Be that as it may, you’ve still gotta give him props for his creative interpretation of statistics; spinning numbers that by any rational measure would be detrimental to his cause into workable propaganda does take a certain chutzpah.

  2. Chutzpah is probably the least offensive way I would put it. It takes a special kind of something to lie that often and that forcefully.

    I’m starting to think that the gun grabbers are basically the same people as the killers. They have a much better education, but they have the same basic lack of conscience that defines criminals. Maybe they oppose guns because they strongly identify with the criminals who are getting shot.

  3. Yes, he never mentions that the ones killing all those blacks are predominantly blacks. And I am sure that most of those crimes were committed with guns illegally obtained. But such minor details….