Another prototype from Templar

 Let’s face it. You don’t need four rails on your AR-15. I know, it’s not the Bill of Needs. I’m not saying you can’t HAVE four complete rails and the entire Brownell’s catalogue attached to the front of your rifle. I’m just saying you don’t NEED it. I might attach a light to the front of my rifle, but realistically, the only two things that absolutely have to be mounted up there are a front sight and a sling swivel. So why do I want to pay a huge weight penalty in order to have all those useless rails?
This is the solution.

What you see is the prototype of the new RaceRail from Templar. It has one full length rail on top and that’s it. Those long slots are set up so you can attach a sling swivel or maybe a short bit of rail to the bottom or side if you just can’t help yourself. The entire rifle, as pictured with a 16” barrel and a 14.25” rail is 7 lbs 2.4oz.
Here’s a close up of the rail.
Just like the FastRail, it’s fully free floated and can be removed and the barrel changed in minutes with only hand tools.
Bob expects that the rails will be available within a month.

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