Michelle Dockery Monday – Facial Disfigurement

Here’s a strange little ad starring my favorite actress, Michelle Dockery, with a guy named Leo Gormley.

Not having anything wrong with my face I have no idea how it must be to have that sort of a facial burn, but I understand that it’s a pretty bad deal. We aren’t worried about human looking faces on animals. Baboons don’t repulse us. But take a “normal” face and mess it up like that and we have a gut reaction. I don’t get the whole “horror” angle, so I assume that it’s something he’s had to deal with. I’ll bet he got called Freddy Kreuger when that movie came out.
One thing I can say about people, if you show them what is expected out of them, 95% will happily comply. Our real problem is that we don’t know what to do or say. This ad will remind people that you treat a person like that just as you would any other guest. I think that’s kind of obvious, but I’m not sure I would have felt that way 20 years ago. I remember not knowing how to deal with people in wheelchairs until I was shown. This is pretty much just that, a quick tutorial on polite behavior.
None of us are going to go out and burn up our faces deliberately so that we can have dinner with Michelle, but I did get to the end of the ad thinking, “Lucky guy! A big smile and a hug from Michelle Dockery.” I’ll admit, I’m a bit envious of the guy.


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