Now I know why Australia and Canada don’t have Concealed Carry

UPDATE: Read the update at the bottom.
Take a gander at this chart showing the number of rapes per 100,000 population.
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Now can you tell why Australian and Canadian politicians don’t want to let women carry guns? They might get shot.
They are so much more civilized, don’t you know.
Source (PDF)
UPDATE 12-15-12:
In the many months since this was originally posted, the underlying source data has changed. If you click the link you will see this graphic.
OECD rape
Canada has inexplicably dropped from #2 to somewhere near the bottom. I suspect that someone messed up the data in the original report and quietly fixed it.
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9 responses to “Now I know why Australia and Canada don’t have Concealed Carry

  1. Yes, but if you are going to point out Canada and Australia, then what about Japan, which essentially doesn’t allow privately-owned firearms and which is on the far right of the graph?

  2. I’m not saying that lack of guns leads to rape. I’m saying that given the very high rape counts in Australia and Canada, lawmakers have decided not to allow women to have guns with which to defend themselves. Perhaps the lawmakers are concerned that they will get shot.

  3. Corrected the dead link to Civitas PDF report on Crime in OECD countries.

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  7. Japan has a statistically low reporting of rape, not necessarily a low occurrence of rape. The Japanese culture of politeness and deference is responsible for whatever low actual numbers there are, and their proclivity for shame and unwillingness to bring attention to something as dishonorable as rape is responsible for the low reporting.

  8. Interested in the Truth ...

    The graphic presented is doctored!!!!!! … Everyone! Follow the source link and see for yourself!!!! … Yes Australia is correct at 91.9 per 100,000, but CANADA is not second, it is almost last at 1.4!!!!!!
    And the US, even with all its firearms for protection is still #4 on the list!!!
    It looks like you will just make up whatever you want to justify your case.

  9. Interested in Truth: The graphic was not “doctored.” In the months since this has been posted, the source data has been updated. The link goes to a newer version of the criminal OECD statistics. I will post a the newer version. Canada is indeed much lower. Sweden is #2.