No arrests yet

The “investigation continues,” in an incident in Buncombe County (Asheville, NC area) where a man got stabbed in the neck by his father.

How strange.

Dad spent some time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, and the son had a low level DWI. Deputies have not yet decided what happened, but it does go to show once again that people who stab and get stabbed tend to have prior records.

Oh, yeah. Because they are father and son, it goes down in the books as Domestic Violence. You may be sure that this will come back later as further evidence that men are unsafe and unfit to be allowed to have weapons. They will ignore the prior records and ignore that no women were attacked. The anti-male and anti-gun forces are nothing if not predictable in these sorts of things.

UPDATE: In comments, John Richardson points us to a video update of this case. Looks like the son tried to rob his wheelchair bound father for drug money and got stabbed. Pops shot him 4 years ago but the charges were dropped. No word on how a felon got away with having a gun.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug


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3 responses to “No arrests yet


    As a follow-up, no charges will be brought against the father as it was considered self-defense. The son attacked the father and tried to rob him for money for crack cocaine.

    Looks like this isn’t the first time this two have tangled. Four years ago the dad shot the son in the leg in another altercation. Charges were eventually dropped in that case.

  2. Thanks for the update. I posted an update to the story. I wonder how the felon father got away with possession of a firearm. Maybe that’s why he used a knife this time.

  3. Good point on the felon being in possession of a gun.