Grass Roots North Carolina takes on Bank of (Un)America

Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. That sort of makes them our problem. By now you will all have heard that BofA decided to dump McMillan Firearms because they don’t want to loan money to gun companies.
This is Grass Roots North Carolina’s response.
Go to their website to see what YOU can do to see that things like this stop. There are names, phone numbers, and email addresses. I contributed the Twitter link. We need to put a stop to companies thinking that they can discriminate against our civil rights. Even if you don’t live in North Carolina, feel free to use the email and phone numbers to express your displeasure. Don’t tell the Bank Teller, they don’t make policy. Tell the corporate office.


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One response to “Grass Roots North Carolina takes on Bank of (Un)America

  1. It seems that NSSF is looking into the whole BOA thing:

    I’ve got a good friend who has worked for YEARS in the gun industry and he’s telling me that the negative BOA incidents, although well blogged, are actually few and far between. He knows a bunch of industry related companies that have a good relationship with BOA.

    Lets see what NSSF comes up with.