Another restaurant homicide

The gun grabbers will tell you that it was a good thing that no one is allowed to carry a gun in the Westridge Grill in Rocky Mount. Guns are dangerous, especially near alcohol. Can they explain this then?

One wonders why the suspect wasn’t deterred by the fact that he was committing a felony by bringing a gun into a restaurant that serves alcohol. Not to mention the fact that carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is a serious misdemeanor.
Even possessing a firearm as a convicted felon is a crime. All those laws he broke and none of them stopped him from murdering his ex.
Tomorrow the gun grabbers will be screaming that the victim’s death was our fault because we wouldn’t agree to “reasonable” gun control. They will be ranting and raving to the battered women advocates that guns are bad news for women. Never mind the fact that once again it was a felon doing the killing.


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2 responses to “Another restaurant homicide

  1. At least he had the decency to off his self. Too bad he didn’t do that first.

  2. We so need restaurant carry…