What does a cross feel like when faced with a vampire?

We know what happens when a vampire gets confronted with a cross, right?

Has anyone ever wondered what it felt like from the cross’s point of view?
I subscribe in my RSS feed to an extreme leftist blog run by professional agitators. Occasionally they say something stupid about guns. Like most professional leftists, the ratio of saying something stupid about guns/saying anything at all about guns = 1.0.
The latest is a quick post where Rob whines that there might be guns at both political conventions (a lie, NC bans that) and that a candidate for State Auditor is having a gun range fundraiser. He calls these two stories “sobering and depressing.” What can you say. He has a delicate constitution.
What’s fun is the screaming in the comments when I told Rob that their efforts to demonize gun owners was obviously not working as NC Concealed Handgun Permits were growing at about 20% per year. Other commenters are acting like vampires being menaced by the Cross. It’s kind of funny. So far there have not been any Markley’s Law violations, but we have had a Ravenswood Law violation. I’m surprised it took as long as it did. The pearl clutching is particularly entertaining.
Someone get loosen that guy’s corset and get him some smelling salts.

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One response to “What does a cross feel like when faced with a vampire?

  1. You can always tell a anti-gunner, you just can’t tell them much.

    Keep up the good fight, we are winning.